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Village News
Flu Update 2020
Clunch Magazine
Aug-Sep 2020
UK's biggest solar farm planned for east of England (Click on image for larger version)
Proposed Solar Farm
Sunnica Proposals
BBC News - Cambridgeshire
Teddie Mitchell: Man guilty of murdering 'perfect little baby'
Teddie Mitchell died 10 days after he was "subjected to a violent assault".
Cambridgeshire: Residents urged to 'stay safe' after heavy rain brings more floods
Parts of Cambridgeshire are under water after heavy rain hits the region.
Covid-19: Spat-at Cambridgeshire police officer tests positive for virus
The officer was spat at by a suspect while working in Cambridgeshire.
Cambridge University starts new foundation courses for 'disadvantaged' students
New one-year courses aim to improve access to degrees at the world-renowned university.
Cambridgeshire paramedic Andrew Wheeler guilty of sex attacks
Andrew Wheeler "abused the privilege and trust that wearing an NHS uniform brings".
People's sonic boom surprise caught on camera
An RAF aircraft breaking the sound barrier causes a loud bang in skies across the East of England.
Covid-19 and lockdown three: Your questions answered
From lockdown life to vaccines and virus variants - our experts return to answer your questions.
Peterborough murder trial: Leam Smith 'leapt to defence' from kickboxer
Leam Smith is accused of killing a "trained fighter" with a sword at a party, a court hears.
20-year-old Covid patient couldn't tell parents 'I love you'
A 20-year-old man who spent a week in intensive care says many young people are in denial about Covid.
Cambridgeshire double deaths: No-one else sought in Tilbrook inquiry
A farmer was found with head injuries and a second man died at the scene.
A1(M): Driver caught at 130mph in fog with children in car
The man tells police he thinks his speed is acceptable as he is "a good driver".

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